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Guk Pavel Aleksandrovich, Doctor of juridical sciences, associate professor, professor at the sub-department of justice, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia),

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Background. Interpretation of legal norms has always provoked interest of both theorists and practitioners in various periods of developments of the Russian state. Normative legal acts not always accurately contain the rule of public relations regu-lation, causing therefore certain difficulties in application thereof for judges due to
a lack of an official interpretation. Judicial interpretation of laws by supreme court bodies renders necessary assistance to ones who apply laws, which provides defi-niteness and unity of application thereof in concrete legal disputes. Judicial interpre-tation in the process of application of laws remains topical nowadays and requires consecutive theoretical examination. The aim of the work is to analyze levels of ju-dicial interpretation and application of legislation, to show the importance of judi-cial interpretation in consideration of cases and the necessity of applying judicial interpretation of supreme juridical instances.
Materials and methods. The research tasks were implemented on the basis of the active federal legislation, the court practice of supreme judicial instances containing legal positions of interpretation. The methodological basis included methods of comparative-legal and system analyses, formal-juridical and historical approaches to understanding the given juridical phenomenon.
Results. The researched action allows theose who apply laws to reveal the point of a law to be applied on the basis of interpretation means, to understand a necessity of a more accurate intepreatation of laws taking into account the official judicial interpretation by supreme judicial bodies.
Conclusions. The study of the judicial interpretation and application of legislation allows to understand the specifics of formation and realization of interpretations by judicial bodies, to offer a conception of judicial interpretation.

Key words

judicial interpretation, supreme judicial body, application of legislation, a precedent of interpretation, unity of court practice, conception of judicial interpretation.

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